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About me: Hey I’m Cassi, a Brazilian travel bug lost in Australia. In 2015 I left my job’s life in Brazil to travel the world and follow my heart to live with purpose. Back in that time, I couldn’t imagine how my life could change. I started blogging in 2017 to share my journey in Australia and so many other incredible places …but through my eyes, my shoes and my own experiences. 




Instagram: @hercassitravel

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Heycassietravel Heycassietravel instagram at Holiday Inn Potts Point, Sydney staycation at Holiday Inn Potts Point
Harbour View Room, which was absolutely fantastic!


About me: Hello, I am a creative mother based in Sydney who has a flair for capturing the moments that matter in life.


Instagram: @_fairytalegirl

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Harbour View room at Holiday Inn Potts Point
_fairytalegirl waking up in our Harbour View room •


About me: Hello, my name is Raphaela, but my friends call me Raphie and I’m otherwise known as Overpacked Suitcase on Instagram. I am a Sydney based creator, blogger, traveller, yogi and lawyer. I love to motivate and inspire travellers to explore, do better and be better. I love photography and I am lucky to have been able to collaborate with many amazing brands – my work ranges from travel, lifestyle and fashion.




Instagram: @overpackedsuitcase

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Harbour View Room at Holiday Inn Potts Point
Sharing some beautiful views from the @hipottspoint for some Staycation inspo


About me: A passionate food blogger that loves a lifestyle that require taking food photos for a few hundred shots before eating it.


Instagram: @doitforicecream/

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Harbour View Room at Holiday Inn Potts Point,
@hipottspoint hosting @doitforIceCream and @overpackedsuitcase


About me: Live life in full colour – that is the inspiration behind The Mommy Roves.  My aim is to bring joy and positiviy to see the beautiful things in all places and things. From sceneries, to cafes, to beaches, parks – we encourages families to find adventures in their own ways.




Instagram: @themommyroves

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Harbour View Room at Holiday Inn Potts Point
View from Harbour View room + Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney