IHG® Business Rewards

Reward yourself for planning the perfect event

Every time you book a hotel room, enjoy a meal or plan a meeting or event at Holiday Inn Sydney Potts Point, you’ll be earning IHG® Business Rewards points. You’ll be the first to know about our latest promotions, as well as offers to boost your points balance when you shop, dine or travel with our partners.

Redeeming points is easy with IHG® Business Rewards. Use your points to stay with us or at or at 6,000 IHG® Hotels & Resorts worldwide

Make the most of your event and join IHG® Business Rewards for free today.

IHG® Business Rewards benefits:

  • Join IHG Business Rewards and earn 3 points per $1 USD.
  • Book corporate meetings and events like weddings for your group.
  • Take advantage of our promotions that can help you earn rewards faster.
  • Nearly 6,000 participating hotels worldwide.
  • Earn Elite status and redeem points for stays, merchandise from the IHG One Rewards catalogue, and more.
  • One membership number manages your IHG Business Rewards and IHG One Rewards activity.
Business team meeting at Holiday Inn Sydney Potts Point

Earn 3 points per $1 USD booking for others

Because we value every booking you make, you’ll earn IHG Business Rewards when you book on behalf of others. And for your personal travel, you’ll still earn 10 points per $1 USD* with IHG One Rewards.

The points you earn with IHG Business Rewards and IHG One Rewards can help you earn elite status faster.

IHG® One Rewards Membership Benefits

*Applicable at Mr. & Mrs. Smith Hotels
**Not applicable at Six Senses
***Applicable at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants
1. Member Exclusive rates (Member Rate) are not available in Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan) or at IHG Army Hotels 
2. Internet accessibility, speed and connectivity varies by hotel
3. Points do not expire for Elite members. Club member points will expire after 12 months of inactivity. 
4. Complimentary room upgrades are offered as determined by hotel. At Kimpton Hotels, one category room upgrade is guaranteed to Kimpton Inner Circle members. At Six Senses, one category room upgrade is subject to availability for Platinum and Spire Elite, Kimpton Inner Circle, Ambassador and Royal Ambassador members. At InterContinental, Ambassador members are guaranteed one category room upgrade and Royal Ambassador are guaranteed two category room upgrade.
5. Guaranteed room availability is not applicable on Reward Nights. At InterContinental, Royal Ambassador members receive 24 hour room availability guarantee.