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Vivid Sydney 2015

Posted on May 27, 2015 by Arts and Culture in Sydney, Sydney Events, Sydney-Attractions

Vivid Sydney 2015: Customs House

With Vivid Sydney 2015 now officially in full swing we decided to head out and about to explore the festival of music, light and sound. We can tell you that this year’s program does not disappoint. From ghostly dresses in The Rocks hidden laneways , to bright lights engulfing the entirety of Circular Quay, we saw it all. Here’s the low-down on what you simply must see this year.

Vivid Sydney 2015: The Dresses

The Dresses

It was eerily quiet when we wandered down the cobblestone Kendall Lane to view the ghostly apparitions, The Dresses. Tae Gon Kim does an amazing job creating the illusion that the dresses are simply suspended in the darkness. Avid history lovers will know about the dark side of The Rocks and this installation adds an element that will send slight shivers down your spine.

Vivid Sydney 2015: Entitle


Entitle takes Chinese lantern making to a whole new level with large decorative displays located in Barney and Bligh Reserve. Though very pretty to look at, this artwork makes a powerful statement about the consequences of an overindulgent lifestyle.


Vivid Sydney 2015: Interplay


Weaving our way through the crowds to reach the front of the barricades, we were instantly mesmerised by this interactive display at the historic Cadmans Cottage. Spectators are invited to become ‘creators’, as they take a place in front of the cottage and see their movements projected in real time onto its walls. There was a queue for this one but it is worth the wait.


Vivid Sydney 2015: Arclight


This particular display sits against the backdrop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The design is inspired by the native mangroves of Australia’s waterways. You’re able to get up close and personal with this display and weave your way in and out of the structures.

Vivid Sydney 2015: MCA

Mechanised Colour Assemblage

The facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art is transformed into a wonderful continuous display of light and sound machines.

Vivid Sydney 2015: Customs House

Enchanted Sydney

This display definately lives up to its name. We sat literally enchanted by what was in front of us on the facade of Custom’s House for over half an hour, and the whole thing was only about 10 minutes long. It is a must-see at Vivid and one of our top highlights for this year’s program. The projected images deptic the ever evolving flora and fauna of Sydney in such an enchanting way that you’ll want to watch it over and over and over and over again.