The Lobo Plantation, Sydney bar.

Sydney is home to an array of cultural experiences, which does not end with a few cocktails.

Sydney is host to some of the most recognised pubs and drinks are known around the world, and the cold winter is no exception.

The city offers a selection of some of the coziest bars serving the best drinks even in chilly evenings across spring.

Here’s our list of the finest mixers in Sydney!

Eau de Vie Bar


Eau de Vie can only be described as a theatrical cocktail bar hidden away at the back of the Kirketon Hotel in Darlinghurst. It’s a great example of one of Sydney’s most exceptional bars serving high-end cocktails. With a flawless team behind the bar showing off their creative flair with drinks like the Riverstream and Bloody Mary, the popular Darlinghurst cocktail bar isn’t too shy to show off.



The Baxter Inn


The shelves of whiskey stacked behind the bar shout out the Baxter Inn’s love for the ultimate cult alcohol, Whiskey. These shelves are accessed via an old-school ladder with wheels. With vintage decor, much like an old study and over 300 whiskeys to choose from, you know that the bartenders are serious about their drinks. The Inn is also a way off from the main street, so you’ll either need someone who in the know or look for a queue curving out of a hole in the wall.



Palmer & Co.


If you like listening to live jazz bands while snacking on food covered with melted cheese, then Palmer & Co is a bar that you’ll enjoy. With great table service and a hint of nostalgia, this place offers a great experience accompanied by good music and incredible drinks.



The Lobo Plantation


Named after the Cuban sugar baron Julio Lobo, The Lobo Plantation brings Cuba to Sydney. If the decor doesn’t speak enough Cuba then behold the bartenders. You just know that they are professionals by their precision, and sometimes even fire if you order the Old Grogram, Lobo’s flagship creation, rich in flavour yet refreshing. The cocktail includes spiced rum, fresh lemon, sugar and Lobo’s famous stout vermouth. The underground rum bar is also well known for its mouth-watering snacks alongside refreshing drinks. The bar can be found below Clarence Street.



The Bulletin Place


The drinks at The Bulletin Place are both exciting and delicious with a touch of creativity. From mixing tropical drinks with complex flavors to fruity and dry cocktails, the bar doesn’t leave any stone unturned as it creates its own set of unique flavors. On top of making their drinks, they deliver consistency and quality which is why people still love this place. If you’re in Sydney, you can find the Bulletin Place cozily hidden away in the harbour.


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